We had the pleasure to do our internship at the iwis plant in Pinghu, a town located near Shanghai, between the 15th and the 26th of July. Iwis is a company from Germany which mainly produces chains and chain-related products as well as mechanical drive technology for motorized vehicles and all kinds of machinery. The first time we heard of this internship was at our visit to the iwis headquarter in Munich, where we were told about students from previous TUMKollegs who also did theirs at the iwis facility in China and their extraordinary and interesting experiences.

During the two weeks, we were allowed to get an insight into all the different departments present and had a very varied working schedule. In our first days at the iwis plant in Pinghu, we were shown around the building and provided with informative material about the company. Furthermore, we were introduced to the whole process of chain assembly and the production of chain tensioners, from the cleaning of single parts to the packaging,  so that we were able to work on those by ourselves. At the start of our second week, our working place changed to the department for quality control, where a supervisor taught us all the necessary knowledge to check the products, which we produced in our first week, on possible manufacturing mistakes so that they could be sent out to the customers.

Our typical workday would mean eating something for breakfast at one of the local food stalls on the street and wait for a co-worker who would kindly pick us up in front of our apartment. Our apartment was provided by iwis and consisted of one bedroom for each of us as well as a kitchen, a bathroom, and a big balcony. It was very clean and even included two bikes for us to ride, which turned out to be very useful in our leisure time. After work, we would go to a restaurant to get something to eat. We tried out all kinds of local cuisine and switched restaurants almost every day to get a broad culinary experience. On our last day, a colleague of ours invited us to try out the famous Chinese hot pot with a few friends which we enjoyed in particular.

Thank you to all our colleagues at iwis who were always kind to us, so that the working atmosphere was very pleasant. Special thanks to Miss Hahn who was our contact person at iwis, for always being open to our questions.