(Sabrina Keller)

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I decided to spend my three weeks in Munich at Tchaka. Tchaka is an outdoor education organisation of the “Kreisjugendring” (KJR). They basically deal with two different tasks. On the one hand they are lending every kind of outdoor equipment to private people and other institutions, especially social ones.
On the other hand they conduct many outdoor and also teambuilding activities with different groups. For example beer crate climbing, rafting, outdoor cooking, stand up paddling, to name just some of them.
On my first day the others introduced me to the equipment lending system and I helped them by taking back or giving out different equipment. I was really impressed by the amount of equipment they actually have. Not only a lot of climbing, canyoning and rafting stuff, but also everything one can imagine for every kind of outdoor activity.
Of course I was also allowed to take part at every activity in these three weeks.
We went several times rafting on the Isar and I was allowed guiding my own boat from the second time on.
Furthermore we did float building, outdoor cooking and stand up paddling. All of these outdoor activities were very exciting and interesting for me.

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I have to admit that I loved to work at Tchaka. To work with people and be in the nature and make new experiences every single day. Every day is different. There were also some difficult situations, for example on the boat when the occupants didn’t do what I wanted them to do. These situations helped me to be more self-conscious and speak in front of people even if they are older than you and not really interested and respectful.
All in all the whole lot of social skills, like reliability, responsibility, teamwork, helpfulness, cooperativeness and so on are so important and I think that the three weeks, although it was such a short time, have learned me so much in that area. Also the teamwork at Tchaka was just awesome. I never felt like I an intern, I felt like part of the team. In our free time we took and take action together, we went stand up paddling on our own, as well as canyoning and just sitting together and talking. So I made some new friends as well.
After all this internship has helped me to realise what I really want to do after school and where I have my talents.