(Jakov Kholodkov)

eos, a rising company which is developing, producing and selling machines for a new technology of 3D printing, so called laser sintering. 
An internship at a company for 3D printing sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?
A very impressive experience to work at a company, that uses newest technologies and employs very talkative engineers. This way you get to learn a bunch of people and new technologies.

As I have accomplished my internship in Munich I had the opportunity to get by bike to work to keep myself in a proper shape.

Early in the morning on the 8th of August I was on my way to eos, and I did not know what I had to expect. Three weeks later I know much more about different types of laser sintering, how the metal sintering machine is built and what engineers behave like, when you ask them awkward questions.

The next day, I have set some aims I wanted to achieve. For the challenge I wanted to accomplish all given tasks as fast and as good as possible. Furthermore I wanted to understand how the sintering process works in detail.

Next three weeks work has been somehow monotonous. The work has consisted of laying cables into the new machines and installing the door closing systems. Furthermore I have had to copy part lists for the manufacturing steps of the metal processing machine. When copying part lists it is definitely not possible to “get a good impression what the machine consists of”.

Besides the work I had the great opportunity to talk to many engineers who explained me details about optimization processes in Laser sintering and processing. In addition the talks to the sales manager and his secretary gave me a good insight into the world of meetings, finances and techniques how to keep the costs low.

After 440km of biking, I have achieved both of my aims and gained new work experiences in a rising company with great technologies.