Konzept und Umsetzung eines Inventarsystems mithilfe einer mobilen ARKit Anwendung


This research paper deals with the development of an application, applying concepts of the currently emerging field of technology: AR (Augmented Reality). Augmented Reality can be utilized for processing and displaying information in many new ways. This project, in particular, documents the design and implementation of a prototype inventory assistance application, based on the functionalities of Apple’s framework ARKit. The program is designed to be used on smartphones and tablets, fulfilling ARKit’s system requirements. To display, process and save user input text, the system uses three dimensional tracking, plane detection and image recognition. Using an image-marker, the user is able to create text fields, with variable content, at the front of shelves, wardrobes, lockers, etc. Surface recognition, automatically determines the position the text field has to be placed on and finally if the user wants to store his entry it is saved relative to the image-marker, using a data set, re-applicable by the three dimensional tracking, for when the application is closed and re-opened again. To ensure the system’s quality, tests were run under extreme conditions, trying to reach the physical limits restricting the program.