Planung, Konstruktion und Bau eines automatischen Nussknackers


The following paper is about the planning and construction of an automatic nutcracker. In the planning phase the state of the art is presented as well as an overview over the different manufacturing processes that may be used for building the nutcracker. Furthermore different possible processes regarding the deshelling of the nuts and the powering of the machine get evaluated. Building on those evaluations, a rudimentary first design of the nutcracker is created. In the following construction phase, necesarry tests are run and data is collected. Based on this data, the individual parts are designed in a 3D-modeling software and manufacturing drawings are derived from those models. In the second stage of the construction phase, those parts are manufactured in accordance to the before created drawings. After all the parts being assembled, the finished nutcracker is subjected to a function test. Finally, the work is being summarised and an outlook is given, in which possible improvements to the nutcracker are suggested.