Anbindung thermoplastischer Folien an duroplastische Harzsysteme unter Einfluss der Temperatur


This study investigates the connectivity between thermoplastic foils and thermoset resin systems under the influence of different temperatures. The basics for the appropriate understanding of this paper are explained first.

Thereafter, experiments with two different thermoplastic foils and two different thermoset resin systems are described. The proceeding and the results are presented and discussed. The used foils are the Richmond Strech VAC-250 foil and the BASF Ultrason P 3010 foil. The resin systems are the Sika Biresin CR80 resin with the Sika Biresin CH80-1 hardener and the Huntsman Araldite LY 8615 resin with the Huntsman Aradur 8615 hardener.

Experiments are conducted on a hot stage under a microscope with the four possible combinations of foils and resin systems. Therefore, thin strips of foil surrounded by the curing resin system are observed under the microscope. The experiments are recorded and the images are visually analysed. The goal is to find the temperature for each combination of foil and resin system where the best connectivity between both components is obtained.