Internship Report: Karl Storz (Johannesburg, South Africa)

From the 5th to the 30th of July 2014, I did an internship in Johannesburg at a subsidiary of the German company Karl Storz. The Storz company produces and sells endoscopes for human beings, animals and for technical examination of machines with difficult access – e. g. turbines. I enjoyed my stay very much and had an interesting time in every respect – the work experience in the company as well as the stay in South Africa.  (mehr …)

Internship Report: MINI Plant (Oxford, England)

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    MINI Cooper S                                 The Production Side                      Oxford Park During Rain

There are several reasons why the 1st of July has been the best day in this year. At first it was my 17th birthday, so I was quite happy when I waited at the airport for the flight to Oxford. The other reason, why the 1st of July has been the best day in this year is because I got an internship placement at BMW, MINI Plant in Oxford, England.

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Internship Report: iwis (Shanghai, China)


My internship at iwis in Shanghai showed me, how a company set up a new plant in a foreign country and which problems may occur caused by the local conditions. During the four weeks I was in Shanghai, I dealt with these problems, but had also the opportunity to get to know a mega-city with 23 million inhabitants, that tries to find a middle-way between the continuous globalisation and their Chinese culture.

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