[Internship Report] Boston, 2011

Click “more” to accompany me for a journey through my experiences during my internship in Boston, MA.  I was part of a research project, which studies mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and their role in repairing connective tissues such as bone, tendon and ligament.

[Internship Report] Barcelona, 2011

Internship in Barcelona, Europe’s most impressive city.
In the day working at Genebre, a company that produces ball valves.
In the night discovering Barcelona’s crazy night life, four weeks long.

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[Internship Report] Shanghai, 2011

In July 2011 Maxi and I served our amazing internships at different companies in China. We shared the same apartment at the German Center Shanghai and explored the metropolis all by ourselves.

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[Internship Report] Zorneding, 2011

International successful equine veterinary clinic, exciting patients, a lot of useful job experiences and I’m right in the middle of it! – A wonderful experience that I will never forget!

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[Internship Report] Vancouver, 2011

In the last three weeks of our school term, the whole class was supposed to do an internship. My granduncle lives in Vancouver, Canada, and he knows a co director from the company Lifebank. Lifebank is a company, which stores stemcells. During these three weeks, I stayed in Vancouver with my granduncle and his wife. Every day I went to the Lifebank lab. There were two students from university, who were working at Lifebank for a few months and I was introduced in their work to help them, wherever I can. On the weekend I made a few trips with my relatives, who are living there.

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