On Wednesday the 27th November 2013 we visited the TUM-School of Education, which is located in the Marsstraße 20 in Munich.

Once arrived we met Mrs. Tatjana Muth who taught us in writing our CV (curriculum vitae) and our cover letters in English. She asked each one of us for things we did in our lives so far and what we think could be of interest for HR (Human Resource) people. She pointed out common mistakes like the risk of putting your own achievements down by describing them wrong and explained that even things like sports and playing an Instrument can matter in a CV.

After a short brake she prepared us for our Job interview, at first by giving us some typical questions we should always expect, and then by letting us play through some fictional interviews. After the roleplay we discussed about the faults that we detected and how we could avoid them in the future.

Our visit had to end at 1pm and we were sent home with the task to send our CV and a Cover Letter to Mrs. Muth so she could correct them until our next meetup with her the week after.