Inwieweit wirken Internetvideos mit physikalischen Inhalten als Lernmedien?


The internet offers a lot of new opportunities, also concerning school and studies. On YouTube there’s a huge number of videos, dealing with serious topics, for example videos with physical content. This thesis deals with videos on YouTube, with physical contents, considering them being a learning medium. Therefor selected Videos were studied exemplary on certain aspects, using category- and signsystems as well as other methods. Here aspects supporting the learning process were important. Additionally, percipients were surveyed on similar aspects, as well as their own valuation of a video. The study showed, that all scrutinized videos had a similar structure. Besides this, further aspects, qualifying the videos as learning mediums, could be found. Among other results the survey showed a connection, between the studied aspects, as comprehensibility, and evaluation of a video by percipients.