Konzentrationsfindung von TCE im SDS-Gel anhand des Westernblot


The purpose of the work is to find a concentration of TCE (2,2,2-Trichloroethanol) in the SDS-Gels used for the Westernblot, which leads to optimal results. Also the aim was to lower the price for the gels.

The methods included carrying out Westernblots with different concentrations of TCE in the SDS-Gels. For example 1% and 10% which were compared to the readymade solution for the gels.

The price of the self-made gels was also calculated.

The outcomes were that the 10% gels as well as the 1% gels showed very good results. The SDS-PAGE, the Blot and even the Antibody treatment were successful. However the 1% gels were slightly better concerning the background of the pictures.

The price for 50 self-made gels is 10,72€, while the price for 50 gels made with the readymade solution lies at 139,20€.

The self-made gels do have a very good quality and are cheaper compared to the readymade solution. But we don’t know if TCE really is the best Protein-Dye to use for the Westernblot, and if there is a way to make the gels even cheaper.