(Lilly Reik)

If you are wondering what taxes, engines and scalpels have to do with my internship, please, don’t hesitate to read my internship report!

My three weeks of internship were split into three different ones.The first of my three internships I spent in Munich, Widenmayerstraße 16. Michaela Schulze established her tax consultant office there in 2005 with her two sisters. Also all the other employees are women. Admirable is how they manage their children and their job. Especially Michaela Schulze makes career and earns a lot of money, nevertheless she does not neglect her responsibilities as mother. A good time management and in general good organization is necessary to be able to deal with this double time job successfully.

During my internship I experienced apart from all the basic jobs as accounting and payroll accounting including insurances, also an internal auditor of a pension scheme and I got to know how to deal with an annual balance.

In retrospect I look back quite happy to this internship, even if I know this will not be my dream job. Beside it was instructive to get to know the jungle of taxes that will affect me unavoidably sooner or later, I got to know a perfect example for that not only a good apprenticeship and education leads to a good company, also the structure and the way how the company and employees are led is quite important.

Compressed Air Engine

My second internship started quite boring. From 22nd to 26th of July I was at ZETTL Process Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Bodenseestraße 29, Munich. I spent my day folding over 440 letters and bagging them up. Luckily I was not in the office the next day but in the construction department. There I got to know the 3D-CAD software Autodesk Inventor. The company is working a lot with it and draws all products they are selling with it. I began by creating 2D sketches. The next step is called extrusion. Out of the 2D sketch a 3D body grows. My first bodies were cubes and panels. Further I learned how to connect to bodies in different ways. On my fourth day I constructed all components for a compressed air engine. And on my last day I connected them all together and animated the motion. This is the link to the animated video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/605xevnjwhoum4t/Druckluftmotor2.wmvThere you see a cutaway view to trace the process inside the piston.

Of course, I got to know more in this week. That is just the main thing I did during my week. In conclusion, I can say it was an instructive internship that aroused my interest in engineering. However, it could not convince me yet to study something in this field. I guess some more internships in companies with different corporate structures and technical focus will be necessary to form my final decision about studying engineering.

My third internship was planned at a practice for oral surgery and implantology. The practice of Dr. Immo Worbs is located in the MediCenter in Solln. He and two dentist’s nurses are a well-established team working together since the foundation nine years ago.

Dr. Immo Worbs is a specialist, therefore he does not provide a high variety of operations. The most typical one for oral surgeons is the extraction of teeth. Also root resections were made in my internship week. If the apex of the root or the canal has caries or is infected a whole is drill to the apex and the tooth will be cleaned from the bottom. This operation preserves an extraction of the tooth. The most elaborate operation is implant placements. They need at least a local, sometimes also a general anesthesia. The implant is just the first step for third teeth. It is a titanium screw and the crowns or bridges are attached on top. Apart from the big surgery operations jobs of the doctor are removing sutures, consultations and counseling interviews.

All in all the internship was interesting but not very extensive because only few patients were coming because of the summer holidays and because of the specialization not a big variety could been shown to me. I am still more convinced to become a of „normal“ surgeon than oral.